Because Your Poetry is the
Bridge to New Worlds!

— Ambika Talwar

— Ambika Talwar

Greetings ~!

Would you agree that dynamic whole health living is a fine virtue, a lovely passion, a source of never-ending beauty and joy? So that you and your organization (family, community, club) become a power of change? Consciously.

Why not Reveal Your Beauty – Express Your Wholeness –
Make Your Magic
– by unfolding in you the poem that you are! Unraveling this unique voice is a self- and co-creative process, whereby you reclaim your virtues and authentic self.

I believe that the unfolding of poetry is the clarifying of our virtues, which illuminate our beauty and our life. When we harness our inner power, we prepare our self to be of service to one another. Thus, we also become simply the change agent that our communities need. This is a continually evolving creative process, never-ending like the stories of all time.


An educator and published writer, I am also actively involved as a whole life health and creativity consultant. Why? Because as a poet-artist, I see all that I do as a poetic process of self-unfolding and universal enrichment. My mission is to illumine beauty, inspire wholeness, and integrate healthfulness. This is beyond magic. Life is a dance of chaos and harmony all in place in its resplendence, and we are the art and science of creative flow, attempting to stay neutral at the center.

Know that you are ready to bring
your vision to form, to live a beautiful life. 

(formerly known as Creative Resonance) is a principle of connecting with Self-Source that I discovered through various creative and revelatory experiences over many life journeys. Ur-Resonance™ is the idea that accuracy (from a felt knowing) in language use and the energetic or magnetic resonance with word, sound, image, and thought promote heightened awareness and healing at all levels of being. Sounds simple? In essence it is. At the same time, we know that bringing into form the complexity of our structure influenced by various factors is a process of making harmony, beauty, integrity; it is a gift of self finding Self and realizing that there is no separation or difference.

pantheon_150x225We begin by clearing, cleansing, and recreating our authentic self, which takes time, unraveling, and thoughtfulness. This process of Ur-Resonance brings about subtle and profound change, whereby you recognize yourself as an integrated whole being—a poem continually unfolding like an endless river with its many tributaries.

What is the promise of this work? Because I know how beautifully the poetic process works as a living principle, I wish for you to achieve your unique personal and professional goals, whole life health and vitality, financial prosperity, abundance in all ways, so by your very presence, you change the world we live in and inspire others to inspire themselves.

Through individual sessions, storytelling, and seminars in (w)holistic self-learning (creating poetry), you can bring to form a life of greater awareness because we are each Infinite Potential.

Gods came to wake you;
Laughed seeing you cower in tears
Who says fire is safe?
When heart opened, walls,
cells ran amuck to clear aches.
Confusion arrived.
Old songs lost tones, tunes.
Soul words scrambled, ached for truth;
Only flow’rs shone simply.
Waking up is hard!
Mystic fire thunders in lakes.
Crown cracks to living.
Lie still lovers, poets.
New grammar rearranges words;
In still point light flows.
~ Waking Up Where Light Flows by Ambika Talwar