When I recall the words of Lao Tzu: “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage,” I am moved to stillness, and I feel solid and whole. Below are descriptions of some play-shops, which I hope bring you to your solidity.


Creative Gratitude

This 3-hour interactive and creative lab is a profound process that integrates you and your higher purpose, while you access the beauty in your essential gratitude and radiate it to the world.

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Creativity as a Unique
Human Choice & Destiny

This 3-hour lab includes the viewing of a short film titled Androgyne, which is a story of an artist and her relationship with her art, wherein she unravels the purpose of art to be a process that reminds us of our divinity and leads us in our evolution. After the viewing is a discussion on the purpose of art and beauty and an experiential process session to access your creative force and apply it in your life as you would choose. It is a uniquely moving experience.

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Creative Resonance

This is a 4-session one-weekend lab in which we explore the unique relationship of self to Self, self with Other, self and Nature, self and the community at large. As you develop integrative and responsible relationships with nature, your environment, and your community, you consciously affect a continual and gradual process of co-evolution.

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Poetry: The Language of Wholeness

In order to facilitate a series of poetry seminars, I must first practice neutrality and also joyfulness. Here are various themes that excite and entice your creativity. Themes are:

  1. Poetry, Memories & Virtues — Excavating our Inner Lives
  2. Poetry and Initiations – Making New Identities
  3. Poetry and the Elements – Earth, water, fire, air, ether
  4. Poetry and Re-Inventions – Transformations
  5. Poetry and Eros – Mystique of Intimacy and Spirit
  6. Poetry and the Divided Self – Integrations & Envisioning
  7. Poetry and Silence – The Power & Beauty of Silence
  8. Poetry and Grammar – Body and Structure
  9. The Gift of Beauty – Your Vision: Wholeness
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YelloFlowerFalls1-2_540pxPeace Poetry

This lab explores your reasons for and vision of peace and how you would implement your own practice in your life. Your poem unfolds your inner peacefulness.

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9-week Poetry Course

This course builds over 9 weeks following themes in the book
Creative Resonance: Poetry—Elegant Play, Elegant Change

Weekly assignments and consultations — USD 275
Maximum participants — 12

You will write 2-3 poems each week following the weekly discourse on a specific theme and some elements of the craft of poetry. Then you e-mail them to me and to the group for feedback. I will then offer my comments as well. Once I know how to make this interactive, that would be even better. At the end, I will post two of your favorite poems for everyone to read and enjoy. More information will be available soon.

IMPORTANT—Please be available for the class when you sign on.
There will be no refunds once class has begun.

“True nature is always elusive, Only the heart of no-heart can grasp-it. Up in the mountain, the burning jade stays brilliant. And in the roaring furnace, lotus blossoms keep their fragrance.” ~ Ngo An, Korea (circa 1090) Source: Mind Moon Circle Quarterly, Summer 1984