ManInMirror_250x188 Ur-Resonance™ (formerly known as Creative Resonance™) is a principle of connecting with Self-Source that I discovered through various creative and revelatory experiences over many life journeys. Ur-Resonance™ is the idea that accuracy (from a felt knowing) in language use and the energetic or magnetic resonance with word, sound, image, and thought promote heightened awareness and healing at all levels of being. Sounds simple? In essence it is. At the same time, we know that bringing into form the complexity of our structure influenced by various factors is a process of making harmony, beauty, integrity; it is a gift of self finding Self and realizing that there is no separation or difference.

My creative, holistic, and academic experiences brought me to an understanding of Ur Resonance™ , which also suggests balancing the grammar of our matrix with our unique resonance continually. There is no one way, but all ways in the heart of light. While one’s creativity keeps one connected to true self, the study of various energetic healing modalities also brings us to our own intuitive understanding and practice of healthful living.

Hence, in a session or play-shop, I use an intuitive combination of processes to benefit you. As your experience of yourself deepens, you transform your thinking across all dimensions of time and space. You also clear old subconscious beliefs that may not even be yours.

Ur Resonance™ is a dynamic, inter- and intra-layered process of meta-formation of self and Self. You clear the old; you reinvent your unique Perfecting Design.

Rapture in Flight of Stillness
~ Taoli-Ambika T

“We are enamoured by the flowers
that bloom and dry inside us
Our heartbeats are the sound bite 

of reality—whatever she is! 
Our being is a compass searching 
the northern star, sometimes elusive!
So we clear the doors of perception again. 
Waters from the sluices of our eyes 
wash the little lentils in our reflectors! 
So the sun shines back….”

Ur-Resonance™: Poetic Virtues & the Shadow

Ethics, too, are nothing but reverence for life. This is what gives me the fundamental principle of morality, namely, that good consists in maintaining, promoting, and enhancing life, and that destroying, injuring, and limiting life are evil.
~ Albert Schweitzer, Civilization and Ethics, 1949

In the midst of teaching a class in critical reading and writing, some years, ago, I found myself drawn to the study of virtues. Online research brought me some information on Roman Virtues as practiced in the early days. It became an assignment in my class: students were asked to pick one out of the list of virtues and ponder on how they would embody said virtue in their ideal society that they would define in a later paper. It was quite a bit of fun.

I did the same for myself only to find, of course, that it came with added responsibility, for the shadow side came at me from many directions. A series of events, each more challenging than the last, served to push me harder out of the old reality to make me embrace that which had been waiting to be whole in me. Then, I asked for “comitas” and “humilitas”. So the journey continued.

It became doubly important to consider the shadow, something we sometimes neglect and cannot. For it is that which we encounter in ourselves when we are not aware of or integrated with our true self , or in relation with others who may be more advanced on the journey or less, or remnants of past lives that lie in wait in our psyche. Recognizing, refining and redefining the lessons of the shadow helps us to further cleanse and come into our primary virtue(s).

Poetic expression takes us deep into our core, bringing to light shadow, integrating us in our substance. When form and substance meet, a tree takes root! That tree is the poem of our origins; it is our Ur-Resonance. It is no wonder early cultures used the tree as a symbol of life, for as an archetype, the tree connects source below with source above—whole, integrating, living principle.

I recalled a strange comment I had made some years previously to a fellow poet: “Poetry is that which keeps us ethical”—only to have her look at me with ecstasy and wonder. Now, I know better what I meant by that utterance. It has been a journey from root to crown and back.

In our wholeness, we know we are still making whole through creative enterprise and through whole life health, whereby we continually grow into our virtues. The process is endless, as any journey.

Thusly, I must conclude with the following:
“Is this not what poetry is? A journey in self-recovery through self-reflection—the most self-reflexive art that is revelation.  Taking us to our inherent godhood: That moving sculpture is god—a repository-container of all frequencies (known and unknown, measured and immeasurable) in a harmonized dynamic whole dancing in its perfect stillness—Self-reflexive and inter-active-being—Sexing the universe at will and at pleasure—in truth and gratitude—blissed in playfulness–Spawning universes at will–marking infinitudes–in-resonant balance of breath and being—knowing both the dark and the light.” (Creative Resonance: Elegant Play, Elegant Change, 2006)

“Mad! One must become mad with love to realize God. When one attains ecstatic love of God, all the pores of the skin, even the roots of the hair, become like so many sex organs, and in every pore the aspirant enjoys the happiness of communion with the supreme universal self.” ~ Ramakrishna