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BOOK_CreativeResonanceCreative Resonance — Poetry:
Elegant Play, Elegant Change

$27.95 (S&H included) * Eu. 27.95 (S&H included)
By Ambika Talwar
Published by Golden Matrix Visions
©2006 Golden Matrix Visions
ISBN-13: 978-1-59975-674-5

This book explores how to arrive at the poetic that resides within and how to make the poetic consciousness vital to our day-to-day living. I have successfully worked with these methods in college classrooms. Apart from the process and explanations, the book also contains poems written by students and by myself.

We desire beauty and wish to create it. I make this assumption because creating beauty is close to my vision and I believe that many share this. Not only our writings but also our environments must express the beauty of the inner core so that we are more aptly inspired to create more beauty. When a poem, a building, a painting, or a dance is an expression of beauty, its power is the recognition of innate universal truths-this then aids in our evolution. In our full human capacity, we are beauty.

Romantic poet John Keats noted simply that, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” The Transcendentalist Whitman wrote, “I sing of the body electric”; indeed, dreamers, be they scientists or artists or naturists, intuit and express a celebration of the self in its beauty and the desire for it in their works. They are knowers and when they “see” something truly wondrous, which inspires their whole being, they are experiencing that beauty, that marvel….
A 9-week online course is based on the book.

Conscious Healing Infusions — CD

$19.95 (S&H included)
©2008 Golden Matrix Visions

This 5-track CD includes two beautiful and profound visualizations set to gentle ambient music. These meditations suggest very deep physical and spiritual healing as my voice guides you to each organ to clear and cleanse. The guided meditations also help you to shift your relatedness with life’s elements.

The CD also contains some poems set to contemplative music.

  • Meditation 1 – 21:48
  • Meditation 2 – 22:16
  • A Creation Poem—Opening… – 2:34
  • My Tigress, My Soul – 3:37
  • The Center—An Alchemy – 2:28

“You have the most lyrical, dreamy, magical voice…!”— Rahmie Valentine

Do you believe that when you experience cellular shifts, magic happens? Would you like to bring earth into heaven?

BOOK_WordsforHungryTonguesWords for Hungry Tongues

$15.00 (S&H included)
By Ambika Talwar
Published by Laguna Poets
©2000 Golden Matrix Visions

This collection of erato-spiritual poems exploring that all is Eros catches moments that are alive in experience and largely in the imagination.

Excerpts from the collection:

Sweet Magic Chalk

A pinch of dust on your tongue
(perhaps of angels passing by)
and its fragrance spreads
subsuming your senses
what is it you ask?

I don’t know
perhaps magic

your laughter reflects
an innocence and joy lights up
your eyes and magic it may be
but it’s somewhat like chalk you say

ah yes, it must be chalk magic
the chalk that crumbles when walls fall

revealing slowly the golden rose
hiding inside a quiet cavern
raging with love’s voices

it is magic I think….”

Who is the Beloved?

What is the beloved? you ask.
The beloved is someone whose feet
you kiss as you bid goodnight.
What is the beloved? you ask.
The beloved is one
in whose eyes
What is the beloved? you ask.
Someone to whom you feed
the food of desire from your mouth.
Someone to whom you feed
the food of rest from your hips.
when the world is a shattered mirror,
the beloved is just that someone
whose tears you wash with your own.

Who is that beloved? you muse.
It is I, I say. It is I.

BOOK_4Stars21Roses4 Stars & 25 Roses

$24.00 (S&H included)

By Ambika Talwar
Edited by Lindsey Burt
©2008 Golden Matrix Visions
ISBN-13: 978-1-59975-675-2

Excerpt from the collection:

Poem No. 20

In the shower today
the waters flowed through me
like the grace of forgiveness

I asked to forgive myself
and a million suns drenched
the walls of my heart

and so doing cleansed
the struggles from those cells
that hold onto time
like nothing else

this forgiveness I say
is the sweetest kind of love

that we can share
from which we can all grow..


$30(S&H included)

Written and directed by Ambika Talwar
©2000 Uroburos Productions

Synopsis ~ Arista, the protagonist, goes through a crisis with her work believing that all her work is ordinary. Then she makes a masterpiece that magically comes to life and challenges her about her assumptions about life and love. The life-size sculpture named Androgyne desires to be human, and in her wrangling threatens Arista. However, only one of them can be human.

Independent Film Category;
Huy, Belgium – October 2000

“The only man who behaved sensibly was my tailor; he took my measurement anew every time he saw me, while all the rest went on with their old measurements and expected them to fit me.”
~ George Bernard Shaw